New England Baptist Hospital

Strengthening market position and attracting new audiences to a leader in orthopedic care.

New England Baptist Hospital wanted to clarify and strengthen its position as the region’s premier orthopedic specialist, expand its core audience base, and create a logical place for itself within a newly formed multi-hospital system. The foundation of our wide-ranging work for the brand was an advertising campaign that celebrated the beauty of the human body and the role that healthy motion plays in everyday life.


  • Advertising
  • Brand Development
  • Brand + Campus Photography
  • Brand + Campus Videography
  • Brand Films
  • Branded Environment
  • Philanthropy Collateral
  • Philanthropy Fundraising Video
  • Public Events
  • Website

Brand Film: “Why I Move”

Challenge 1

Strengthen legacy audience connection

Advertising Campaign: “Every Move Is Extraordinary”

Challenge 2

Attract and educate new, second audience

Al Horford

Challenge 3

Introduce Celtics player endorsements

Billboard Designs

“Six Words” Social Activation Campaign

Solution 1

Develop new brand positioning

Campaign Imagery

Solution 2

Create new advertising campaign and tagline

Hospital Campus Poster Designs

Brand Film: “Every Move Is Extraordinary”

Avery Bradley

Website Strategy, Creative, and Development

Solution 3

Produce new physical and digital presence

Custom Photograph Library

Spine Center Wing, Sign Design and Fabrication

Sports Performance Center, Environmental Branding

Celtics Hallway Installation, Main Campus